Welcome Alumni!

The No Limits Project would like to welcome alumni to campus. We welcome alumni interest, concerns, and support.

The No Limits Project (NLP) is a student campaign started this year to highlight the ways that the College is not meeting its stated commitment to social justice, transparancy, and accountability, and to work toward the implementation of 14 demands. These 14 demands are specific ways in which the College has promised to, but never actually met certain commitments to social justice.

We encourage alumni to:

Learn More!:
-Check out the About Us and FAQ for general info as well as the Resources page for specific information about the demands.
-And attend a NLP ALUMNI INFO SESSION, held by NLP students, this Saturday afternoon at 3:00 in the Grille in the JRC.

Support Us!:
– Contact Alumni Affairs or current administrators and tell them about the specific NLP demands that you are concerned about.
– Do the Alternative Giving Pledge! Pledge to give to the College ONCE they have met NLP’s demands.

Contact us!:
– Feel free to chat with anyone wearing a NLP shirt this weekend
– Email us at nolimitsgrinnell@gmail.com

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