Take Action On Misleading Advertising!

Way to want to make a difference on campus, making sure that as an institution, we continue to reflect the values we hold dear!

Call, write, or meet with:

President Russell K. Osgood
Phone: 641-269-3000
Office: Nollen House

Kate Worster, Director of Communications
Phone: 641-269-3404
Office: Windsor House FLR 1

If you need to know what to say, here’s a draft sample letter/talking points to guide you:

Dear Ms. Worster and President Osgood:

I am writing in regard to the wind turbine advertisement in the Des Moines airport. Clearly, it misleads the viewer into believing the College has done something it has not, that the College is a Pioneer without even being a leader. The ad does not emobdy my or the College’s dedication to environmental sustainability, it only cheapens it by allowing the College to remain complacement with an unfufilled promise and not action or reality.

The best remedy to this situation is to re-authorize funding for the wind turbine project which was cut this past winter. Until then, this ad should be replaced.

The ad is ultimately indicative of general trend in the institution’s behavior: saying one thing and doing another. One of the best examples that comes to my mind is the Hate Crimes Response Policy. One and a half years ago, following hate crimes on campus, administrators promised to forumlate a policy to deal with such incidents by the end of that semester. Only recently has such a policy been drafted.

We need to ensure that what administrators say and the way they represent the institution to the outside world resonates with reality and our values.

The best way to do this is to enact the demands brought forth by the No Limits Project. And generally, I encourage you to consider and implement any and all means through which student, faculty, and staff voices and values can be recognized.


Class of XXXX
City, ST


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